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Management Consultants

Helping you and your team to make the right decisions, execute effectively and substantially increase sustainable profits

How we do it

We identify the key issues, quickly and help you explore potential solutions. Following early analysis we then agree a course of action and help the management execute successfully.

  • 1
    Key issues, core competencies and opportunities
  • 2
    Vision and strategy for your business
  • 3
    Strong management teams
  • 4
    Core capabilities and competencies to the right things, the right way, everday
  • 5
    Financial and operating performance reports to monitor progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

Sectors We Serve

We work with the owners and management teams of small and medium sized companies across multiple sector.

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Construction
  • Waste
  • Financial and professional services
  • Property and related investments

What We Believe

We believe we have a responsibility to our clients to deliver significant change via a fivefold return on investment.
  • 1
    Customer First
    Ensuring clients’ interests come first
  • 2
    Tell the story as we see it in a constructive manner
  • 3
    Get to the real issues quickly
  • 5
    Decisive Action
    Identify solutions, agree decisive action and execute
  • 4
    ROI by 5
    Deliver at least a fivefold return on investment

Our Services

We provide expert advice based on hard-earned experience over decades of hands on business leadership.
  • Strategy Development
    Develop highly focused business plan which matches the core competencies of the business with market opportunities
  • People Development
    Critically evaluate HR and people development policies to maximize your greatest asset
  • Operational Improvement
    Develop guiding principles and processes, along with KPI’s, to drive performance
  • Business Development
    Develop effective sales and marketing strategies to build share and market leading positions
  • Debt Restructuring & Financial Planning
    Develop appropriate budgets, cashflows and capital structure to ensure the business has a sustainable growth plan and easy to understand financial and operating KPI’s

Who We Are

Cognito Management Consultants was founded in 2008 by Pat O’Sullivan. Pat has a proven track record in building great businesses, through people, across the UK, USA and Ireland. As President of Oldcastle APG, he built a $1.2B manufacturing business in the US with over 5,000 employees and 120 locations.