Cognito Management Consultants

We bring insight, clarity and experience to our clients. Our clients call us during times of uncertainty, when clarity is scarce and major strategic decisions are required. At these times they require objective, insightful and experienced advice to help develop and execute the right strategy to deliver results.

Why Cognito?

We have the expertise to help business owners evaluate their entire business from a strategic, operational and financial perspective. We help them make the right decisions, execute effectively and substantially increase profitability.

Who We Are?

Founded in 2008 by Pat O’ Sullivan who has a proven track record in building great businesses, through people, across the UK, USA and Ireland. As President of Oldcastle APG, he built a $1.2bn manufacturing business in the US with over 5,000 employees and 120 locations.

Who We Serve?

We work with the owners and management teams of small and medium sized companies across a multiplicity of sectors, including: property, manufacturing, distribution, waste, financial services, construction and hotel sectors.

What We Do?

We help our business owner clients to

• Identify the key issues, core competencies and opportunities, quickly

• Develop an overall vision and strategy for the business

• Build strong management teams

• Build core capabilities and competencies to do the right things, right, everyday

• Develop financial and operating performance reports to monitor progress daily, weekly and monthly

What we believe?

We passionately believe we have a responsibility to our clients to

• Ensure our clients’ interests come first

• Tell the story as we see it in a constructive manner

• Get to the real issues quickly

• Deliver at least a fivefold return on investment

About Cognito

Cognito Management Consultants represents a network of business mentors and strategic advisors with decades of experience in managing and running successful businesses in a variety of sectors and industries, both in Ireland and abroad. The Cognito team is led by Pat O’Sullivan.

We are proud of our business owners approach to driving business performance. We value integrity and honesty and are driven by a desire to help our clients achieve excellence and optimum success.

The Team

Pat O'Sullivan

Founder and CEO

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60 +

Acquisition Deals

150 +

Business Restructurings

40 +

Debt and Financial Restructurings

Our Services

Cognito Management Consultants has the expertise, experience and business development knowhow to look across the entire business from a strategic, operational and financial planning perspective ideally suited to the needs of the small to medium size business owner

Strategy Development

Developing an overall business plan for a small to medium size enterprise is critical to ongoing success. In the words of Mark Twain “If we don’t know where we are going, we will not get there.” We help business owners develop strategy through the following process.

Strategic Vision

Develop a vision for the business in terms of scale, market position and profitability over a 5 year horizon

Core Competencies

Identify the core competencies of the business and some that may easily be acquired

Strategic Fit

Determine how the core competencies, or those that may be acquired, fit with market opportunities

Strategic Plan

Develop an overall strategic plan to maximize opportunities and grow the business with adequate returns, within acceptable risk levels


Ensure the basics are done right every day in terms of operations, logistics, customer service etc

People Development

We help business owners to critically evaluate their HR and people development values to maximize the effectiveness of their greatest asset – their people

HR Values

Develop and execute appropriate HR values and policies. Create a great place to work by helping people reach their full potential.

Recruitment, Retention and Remuneration

Recruit the right people and retain by providing training, coaching and rewarding appropriately

Leadership and Change

Maximize the potential productivity of the organisation and people effectiveness through a supportive leadership culture and managing change

Coaching and Mentoring

Develop a coaching/mentoring approach to people development and provide constructive feedback to harness the goodwill of the people.

Management Capabilities

Develop a strong management team to lead the business through the next growth phase

Operational Improvement

We help business owners develop guiding principles and easily understood processes, along with a handful of KPI’s, to drive performance.

Safety, Quality and Environmental

Establish core values to produce a quality product, first time every time, in a safe working manner, while protecting the environment.


Maximize the output of the business through the optimum combination of people and technology with a continuous focus on best practice performance.


Maximize purchasing power and security of supply across all key areas of the business.


Establish defined processes to ensure effective delivery of product or service to customers on time every time ….. deliver when we say we will.

Key Performance Measurement

Develop easily understood KPI’s to monitor and drive performance. “What we measure and monitor …. we move”

Business Development

We work with the business owner to develop effective sales and marketing strategies to build share and market leading positions

Value Proposition

Develop a unique value proposition to differentiate the business from competitors.

Customer Focus

Create an environment where the customer is the central focus of the business.

Sales Generation

Build a strong sales team to communicate effectively with existing and potential customers and increase productivity via enhanced personal efficiencies and effectiveness

Marketing Communications

Develop a solid marketing strategy with an appropriate suite of collateral to communicate effectively with target customers and build a strong brand position

Business Growth

Grow the business via new growth platforms; New customer segments, New products, Acquisitions

Debt Restructuring and Planning

We work with business owners on debt restructuring and financial planning to ensure the business has an appropriate capital structure

Debt Restructuring

Negotiate with existing lenders to restructure debts to sustainable levels, appropriate to the business.

Working Capital Management

Establish and execute well tested procedures for collecting cash and leveraging suppliers to minimise the cash required to run the business.

Acquisitions and Disposals

Identify and source funding for potential acquisitions or disposals. Execute purchase or sale agreements and effectively manage post acquisition integration issues.

Financial Planning

Obtain new sources of funds: senior debt, mezzanine finance, equity, invoice discounting or other financial instruments; to ensure adequate funding is available for the sustainable growth.

Sustainable Growth

Ensure adequate funding is in place at all times to fund capital expenditure, fund new market developments and maximise opportunities as they arise.

Client Benefits

We bring substantial benefits quickly and we will not engage in assignments outside our skill set.


• Global experience at CEO level and the benefit of working with great leaders across different industries

• Business development, debt restructuring and post-acquisition integration

• Ability to identify the key issues quickly, solve problems, develop people and build great businesses


• Initial no obligation consultation
• Available for short term specific assignments
• Or longer term involvement – one, two or three days per month


• Small investment in time and money
• Low financial risk
• Very high returns on investment – at least fivefold
• Tailored to suit specific needs


• Readily available on phone and email
• Practical understanding of issues with a business owners approach
• Thought provoking and challenging while free from company/family politics


• Long term commitment to success
• In depth business understanding and available as a sounding board
• Constructive feedback based on wide experience

Client Testimonials

See what previous clients have to say about our service.

I found myself in a permanent state of panic state when the property market collapsed and debt levels became unmanageable. Pat helped me to stop blaming myself and focus on the art of the possible. He negotiated with all the banks on my behalf and I am delighted I am back on my feet again.

Owner and Property Developer

Pat provided an invaluable service when I needed a JV partner to expand my business. Pat sourced a number of options and highlighted the best fit for us. He then negotiated a very good commercial agreement and handled all the paperwork allowing me to continue to focus on the existing business

CEO, Manufacturing Company

Pat worked tirelessly to restructure major debts with my previous lender. He sourced senior debt from a new bank at very attractive rates and provided us with a sustainable capital structure. Post restructuring he provided hands on help to improve productivity, reduce operating costs and provide us with better information to run the business.

MD, Major Service Provider

As a management team we really value Pat’s analytical approach and his ability to cut straight to the core of an issue. Pat has a wealth of knowledge and experience which has aided our business at a time of substantial growth and change. The energy, enthusiasm and experience that he brings to every meeting is invaluable to us as a business and has been a significant factor in the growth we have achieved over the past two years.

Shareholder in Major Manufacturing Company


Target customers are predominantly the owners medium sized businesses across the following sectors: property investment and development; manufacturing; distribution; insurance and financial service providers; construction; and professional services

Property Investment and Development

Owners, investors, agents, property managers and end users


Manufactures and processors in both local and/or export markets


Distributors and wholesalers to retailers, contractors and end users across all major industry sectors

Service Providers

Service providers in insurance and financial services


Contractors, sub-contractors and developers in both home and export markets

Professional Services

Architects, structural/ mechanical/ electrical consulting engineers, quantity surveyors and project management practices

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